About Us



Green is the color of nature, fertility, life – the most restful color. Green is the color of balance, also meaning learning, growth and harmony. It rightfully signifies Flourish as an organization, the philosophy it follows and the vision of its leaders. The leaf at the top signifies that whatever we do, will be in accordance with mother Nature and the company shall responsibly make efforts to minimize its impact on the external environment. Because that is the only sustainable way to grow!


Founded in 1983, Flourish Paper and Chemicals Ltd. (FPCL), has been a manufacturer and supplier of Paper Making chemicals- Ferric/ Non-Ferric Alum, AKD Emulsion, Fortified Rosin, Fixing and Retention aids, Dry Strength Resins etc. Having pioneered the use of Liquid Sizing Chemicals 35 years back in the Paper industry, marked a small, yet significant step in the history of Paper making. Since then, it has been an uphill ride for the company with the introduction of new chemicals in our presently vast portfolio. The company has added different sizing agents- Fortified Rosin, AKD, Surface Sizing, speciality polymers for improving retention, drainage, fluff control, strength (wet and dry) and other customized products for performance optimisation.The group has a combined turnover of 15 Million USD, has 4 manufacturing facilities and 6 representative offices throughout India. Today, FPCL enjoys a pan-India presence with satisfied customers all across. The company has vast experience and has been able to earn trust and loyalty of its customer by ensuring – assured quality product, regular supply, timely service and competitive pricing.Our plants have been designed by using latest technology and best machinery so that we can produce and deliver best Quality products.We, at FPCL, believe in customer satisfaction and are always at the service of our customers.

Our dealings with the Paper industry has been for more than three decades and that has given us a very strong perspective as to what challenge the industry is going to face next.With the industry growing at a rapid pace and the demand for water surging by the day, there is utmost need for the recycle and reuse of water.This challengeis not limited to Paper industry but also faced by Agriculture, Textile, Petrochemical, Mining, Construction and almost all Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies. Today, the waste treatment cost cannot be ignored and one who can do it competitively, will always be at an advantage over its competitors. FPCL realized its customer’s challenge and ventured into water treatment chemicals and has created a niche in the industry for supplying excellent quality chemicals and providing strong technical support. Dealing in Organic and Inorganic Polymer based Coagulants and Flocculants, the company has vast experience and a strong technical team to engage with the most challenging of the opportunities.

FPCL continues to invest in technologies which can enable us to support our customers in challenges they will face tomorrow. Keeping in line this vision of ours, FPCL recently opened its Research and Development Centre in Punjab for the purpose of developing new products which attack the following areas:

  1. Energy Optimisation
  2. Lower Water Consumption
  3. Reduce Effluent Generation



We believe that our team is our biggest asset. Each member of FPCL family, right from Manager to Plant operator strives to personify our values of Excellence, Quality, On time delivery and total customer satisfaction.

Our top management team includes Chemical Engineers from Top Universities, MBAs and Chartered Accountants who have had more than three decades of experience in their fields. The top management is assisted by a dedicated team of 300 people who are well qualified in their respective fields. We are also supported by an external team of experts who are professionally qualified in field of Water Chemistry and allied Technologies and continually work with us to improve upon the products as per latest technological advancements so that we can serve you better.